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Sponsors/Exhibitors FAQs

No, but the Whova App on your mobile phone will serve as your lead retrieval device. Learn more here about Whova and how it can help boost your experience at the conference.

You will receive an email with information on how to access Whova as well as how to set up your exhibitor profile. Whova is available on the web and on your phone and is a great way to engage with attendees before during and after the conference.

Please do not leave anything of value at your booth. You are encouraged to place your handouts and giveaways under your table after the reception on Tuesday or take them with you.

Your booth will need to be staffed during all meals, breaks and receptions held inside the exhibit hall on Tuesday & Wednesday, Aug. 29 & 30. This is a great opportunity to meet attendees and network. There will be food, drinks and entertainment. Please refer to exhibitor schedule here.

This depends on your investment level and the breakdown is below:
  • Standard Exhibit Booth – Two (2)
  • Premium Preferred Exhibit Booth – Three (3)
  • Associate Sponsor – Five (5)
  • Gold – Six (6)
  • Platinum – Seven (7)
  • Titanium – Eight (8)
  • Presenting – Ten (10)

We’ll reach out this summer with details and deadlines to the contact that registered your booth/sponsorship. You will be able to enter your staff in the exhibitor portal – login and password provided at time of your registration. If you need additional booth staff over and above your allotted amount, the additional charge is $100 per person.

We make every effort to drive our attendees into the exhibit hall – that’s what makes our conference special and so popular with our vendors! Meals, breaks and the Tuesday night Welcome Reception are all held inside the exhibit hall with you! The $2,500 cash giveaway game also is a driver into the exhibit hall. Please note that lunch is served on Wednesday, August 30, from 12 to 1:30 pm and attendees will be eating on a staggered schedule – so expect a steady stream of traffic during this time. Click here to view exhibitor schedule.

Yes, you’re encouraged to give away a prize or two (no alcohol please). Our attendees love this and look forward to it! You are responsible for holding your own drawing and promoting it from your booth. Please display your item(s) at your booth, on the app or both! Attendees can enter at your booth, on the app or both – whatever method you choose. Draw your winner(s) on Wednesday, August 30, at lunch or last afternoon break, and announce it in the app using the directions provided.

There is no raffling of alcohol allowed unless you have a raffling/auction license for the event.

Once the Whova app is downloaded, draw your winner(s) on Wednesday, August 30, at lunch or last afternoon break, and announce it in the app using the directions below:

  • Tap on Community at bottom of app
  • Click on +Add a Topic or Social Group
  • In Topic Field: List Winner Name – You’ve Won a Prize!
  • In Description Field: Include your booth # and what the prize is (optional) – give them as much info as they need to report back and claim their prize

You can also message the winner privately on the app (click on Messages at bottom) or send them a text if you have a cell #. An ideal time to announce your winner(s) is during lunch on Wednesday, August 30 from 12 to 1:30 pm OR during the final break of the day from 2 to 3:15 pm. We’ll help by making announcements inside the exhibit hall and on the large plasma screens!

Sponsors receive the complete list of attendees before and after the conference ─ this does include email address (typically we start sending the attendee list to sponsors in mid-July). Premium preferred exhibitors (new this year) receive the complete list of attendees with email address two weeks before the conference if booth is paid in full. Standard exhibitors will receive a mailing list of attendees with phone number before the conference if booth is paid in full. Everyone receives the final and complete list of attendees on Tuesday, September 5.

No, the facility is not carpeted, but main aisleways will be carpeted. Your booth space is not carpeted. Some find that ordering carpet helps ease being on your feet all day. You may also find that carpet makes your space more inviting!
All meals, breaks and receptions. Draped booth, one 6′ skirted table (double sponsor booths have two), two folding chairs (double sponsor booths have more), one wastebasket, one ID sign. Refer to the exhibitor kit for show colors.

That can all be ordered through OneView, Fern Expo’s online exhibitor services ordering system. Early summer, your main booth contact will receive the “Exhibitor Kit” via email from Haley Locker at [email protected]this is your one-stop-shop for all exhibitor related services such as carpet, extra tables, electric, etc. If electric is the only service you need, you can order in the Fern Expo Exhibitor Kit or you can order directly through the facility here and submit payment here.

Basic Wi-Fi is complimentary inside the exhibit hall (the security of this network cannot be guaranteed). It works great for texting and checking email. If you need a stronger connection, you can order through your Fern Expo Exhibitor Kit or you can order directly through the facility here and submit payment here.

Yes, save the date for Tuesday-Thursday, August 27-29, 2024 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville.

Expected attendance is approximately 650+. Combined with speakers and exhibit hall staff, overall attendance will be approximately 1,000. Click here for 2022 post event report.

FAQs may be printed or downloaded in a PDF or Word document format

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