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Conference Team

Lori Jo Goff

Manager, Customer Relations

[email protected]

Andrea Flanders

Director, Sponsor Relations

[email protected]

Katie Raney

Director, Kentucky SHRM State Council

[email protected]

Kyle Bedford

Director, Events

[email protected]

Conference Planning Committee Members

Jose Najera

State Conference Director

KYSHRM Council

Jim Ford

Chief Resource Officer

Kentucky Chamber

Sarah Arnold

Southern KY Conference Representative

Crystal Balentine

Four Rivers SHRM President

Meredith Bruner

Central KY SHRM President

Candra Bryant

Bluegrass SHRM Conference Representative

Melanie Hatfield

Mid-South SHRM Conference Representative

Johnna Howard

Western KY SHRM President

Kathy Papp

Northern KY SHRM President

Sherry Powers

Elizabethtown SHRM Conference Representative

Carlotta Stringer

Southeastern KY SHRM Representative

Nikie Walker

Owensboro SHRM Representative

Barrie Wilkerson

Mid-West SHRM President

Laura Wood

Louisville SHRM Conference Representative

Angie Bailey

KYSHRM PR Representative

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