Preconference Workshops | Descriptions and Speakers

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 | 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Pre1: The Future Transformation of HR and Organizations (Approved for BMS credits!)
Brad Federman | Chief Operating Officer, F&H Solutions Group
The future is here, and it looks very different from the past. The uncertainties that face a business—unknowns that could have a material impact on the organization are many and significant. Business leaders and HR professionals must be able to effectively plan for and evaluate the risks and then decide how to approach these changes and mitigate risks. This session will look at how leading companies are managing their human capital risks and change in a way that adds value to the organization; identify top trends in organizations and human resources; explore the impact of these trends; analyze how to approach human resource/talent management change productively; learn about best practices employed by other organizations; and develop your organizational plan to address these risks and opportunities.

Pre2: @Work Insights from @Work Authors
Bo Brabo, SPHR, PMP | Vice President, Human Resources, Advantia Health LLC
Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | The Business Book Strategist, Cathy Fyock, LLC
Denise Jerome | CEO, Michalis Events
Lisa Johnson, SHRM-SCP | Leadership Development Coach & Trainer, HR Know-How LLC
Jeff Nally, PCC, SHRM-SCP, SPHR | President, Nally Group Inc.
Michael Rider | Advisor Chief Connector President, Rider Risk Management Services, LLC
Increasingly, human resource and business leaders are understanding the importance of embracing the human spirit of their employees and encouraging employees to bring their entire selves to work. Absolutely every decision, every business strategy, every word spoken between colleagues, and every policy enacted can and should be derived from a place of compassion. Because organizational success is, at its core, about human beings working together to serve human purposes. This strategic session is led by HR thought leaders on the issues of compassion, humanity, and imagination in the workplace. They have each written in one of the anthologies, Humans@Work, Compassion@Work, You@Work, or Imagination@Work, all part of the @Work series of books published by Silver Tree Publishing. The session will begin with a keynote from HR leader, speaker, and author Bo Brabo. Next, you’ll hear from Michael Rider, Lisa Johnson, and Denise Jerome, each providing a 20-minute Ted-type talk (we call them CRED Talks) on these issues focusing on creating ideal workplaces. Jeff Nally will also present a 45 minute program and will conclude with a synopsis, recapping and summarizing the ideas presented in this fast-paced session and providing you with an action plan for incorporating best practices in your organization. The session is led by HR thought leader Cathy Fyock, who has been instrumental in developing these anthologies and identifying and coaching the authors to become thought leaders.

Pre3: The Power of Employer Branding and Diversifying Talent Acquisition (Approved for BMS credits!)
John Casi | Director, Business Development, PriceWeber
Brooke Edge, Ph.D. | Director of Research & Strategy, PriceWeber
Mary Kate Reed | Director of Media, PriceWeber
David Lowe, | Digital Strategist/Analyst, PriceWeber
Mike Nickerson | Chief Marketing Officer, PriceWeber
Employer branding is designed to gain job candidate interest by creating, communicating, and promoting an authentic story about culture and work with an employer of choice. It is your unique employer voice that speaks to prospective candidates with content they value and want to engage in. Employer brand is credited with increasing quality hiring as much as 60% in a job market already saturated with opportunities. This session is designed to take recruitment marketing to the next level by showing human resources professionals how to develop and deliver compelling employer storytelling that cuts through job clutter and gains the attention of quality hiring prospects.

Pre4: Creating a Recovery-friendly Workplace While Upholding Zero Tolerance Policies – An HR Leader’s Technical Assistance Workshop for Battling Today’s Addiction Epidemic (Approved for BMS credits!)
Beth Davisson | Executive Director, Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center
Ashley McCarty Dufour | Employment Specialist, Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center
Sonia Osman | Employment Specialist, Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center
Kentucky’s business community has become aware in recent years that the state’s addiction epidemic is more than a public health issue. It has become a serious workforce issue, and employers are feeling it’s impact firsthand. As businesses struggle to find and retain workers, the opioid crisis is making the challenges even greater for HR leaders. Join this technical assistance workshop to compare your current policies and practices to today’s emerging opportunities in the areas of workplace hiring, treatment, recovery and prevention. Come learn how maintaining a drug-free workplace while supporting a recovery friendly culture is possible and can net positive results to the bottom line for your organization.

Pre5: Supporting Connection and Conversation Across Difference (Approved for BMS credits!)
Tiffany Cardwell, SHRM-CP, PHR, CCP | HR Consulting Principal, MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP; Civity; Lean Into Louisville; LSHRM; Compassionate City
Malka Kopell | Co-Founder & CEO, Civity
Rawleigh Richardson, SHRM-CP, PHR | Senior Associate Relations Professional, Humana
Kellie Watson | Chief Equity Officer, Louisville Metro Government
Tom Wiliams | Attorney, Stoll Keenon Ogden
Every employer is seeking diversity, but few provide employees the tools for their employees to talk across the differences that exist. A workplace that builds “social muscle” through creating and deepening relationships across differences will grow and foster a strong culture. This session, from a nationally recognized organization working with Louisville leaders, including Lean into Louisville, LSHRM and Compassionate Louisville, focuses on fostering relationships of respect and empathy across differences. Hands-on examples of exercises that can be incorporated into employee leadership training will be provided, and tools will be shared on how Companies can create spaces of connection. Examples of what you’ll learn and practice include how to deepen conversations; story telling and story listening; and “putting difference on the table”. 

Pre6: How to Recognize and Cultivate Next Leaders
Carrie Van Daele | President/CEO, Van Daele & Associates, Incorporated
The new HR leader must navigate business innovation, expand his or her strategic thinking ability to include workforce planning for business growth and more profit. The old HR leader style of the past is long gone; today, he or she must become an entrepreneur.