Keynote Speaker

8:45 a.m. – 10 a.m. | Thursday, August 29
KEYNOTE Reducing Implicit Bias through Effective Performance Calibration & Evaluation

Approved for BMS credits!

One of the major challenges organizations face is a lack of diversity in their leadership ranks. Research has identified implicit bias as an underlying culprit. There are many studies on how implicit bias impacts fairness and equity in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are few practical tools available to reduce the negative impact of bias on career success of diverse employees. This session will present a performance calibration tool that can positively impact equitable representation of diverse talent in leadership roles.  

The session will:

  • Identify challenges organizations face when seeking practical solutions to reducing implicit bias.
  • Present an innovative Performance Calibration & Evaluation System.
  • Identify ways to apply the model to reduce the negative impact of subjective judgement.

ABOUT Eric Ellis

Eric Ellis | President and CEO, Integrity Development Corporation

Eric Ellis, President and CEO of Integrity Development Corporation, has invested three decades supporting the establishment of people-centric work cultures, where diverse employees achieve their full potential and organizations realize their critical objectives.

Eric has the unique ability to assist corporate leaders in harvesting the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace, without creating the kind of backlash that arises when traditional employees are minimized or ignored.  The 3rd edition of his book, “Diversity Conversations” was recently released.